Learning New Things

Do you ever feel like you are in a little over your head? Have you reached an age where you are beginning to ask yourself if you are too old to learn something new? Maybe you’ve had health issues that make it a little more challenging than you think it should be to grasp new concepts?

If so, you aren’t alone. I want to encourage all of us to not let the challenges we face each day get the best of us. They say that it helps keep your mind sharp by challenging yourself to learn new things on a regular basis. Today I feel like I’m making my mind old and tired rather than sharp (Can you relate?) but know in the end it will be worth the time and effort to conquer these new challenges.

I try to always be learning something new – sewing techniques, ways to improve products I offer you, things I can do to improve my business, etc. Some of these are fun and some of them are a lot of hard work. My current “project” is one that I hope will improve my business over time. It is requiring a lot of brain power (and making me feel not so bright at times). I’m  setting up a website. This is hard! I had no idea how challenging it could be. I have spent way too much time trying to get one page set up the way I want it. I finally thought I had it. I was pretty pleased with myself. (Yay, my hard work is paying off!) Then I clicked over to preview the page and make sure it looked like I wanted. Fingers crossed. Waiting….waiting….out internet can be slow….waiting…. It isn’t there. No where. Bummer. I have no idea what happened to it. Maybe it’s in draft format somewhere and will appear again next time I log on. Maybe, but probably not. I’m going to hope though.

I regularly tell my husband that there’s always a silver lining. Today’s silver lining – I’ve had to think for a little bit to find it – at least the home page is there. Something did work in this project today, just not everything.

I have no doubt that the struggles I’m having are completely because building a website is something I know basically nothing about. I know I can figure it out and that the struggles will eventually lead to successes, which will end in a website I’m proud of.